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[f] Interessante review do amplificador SounDigital GAN

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Interessante review do amplificador SounDigital GAN

I would like to share this exciting news about our limited edition SounDigital GAN Amplifier!Matt Hall, a very experienced sound quality competitor and audiophile, has done an amazing test with numerous high end amplifiers from different brands.There were a total of 18 listeners, all unaffiliated with any audio equipment manufacturer.We are proud to anounce that the GAN made it to TIER 1, which was reserved only for the highest quality amplifiers, the ones that can be really used for Reference Level listening.This is a direct quote from Matt's review: "Describing how dimensionally accurate, transparent, and dynamic this lightweight amplifier is with profound adjectives seems disingenuous, but I assure you, I’m no charlatan. This amplifier is legit!"To read the complete review, please click here: we will be releasing information on the new GAN amplifiers. We will have a 2-channel and 4-channel version!

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